Life Without Walls, Windows Live Timeline Revealed

As some of you may know, I attended “Life Without Walls” here in the Netherlands today.

The Event was all about Windows Live Wave 3: Darren Huston kicked off with Vision on Life without Walls (PC, Mobile and Online – Windows + Windows Live = full Windows experience), followed by Joost Nienhuis who spoke about the digital behavior of consumers which led to the Windows Live demonstration given by Arnout Hemel. Here we saw how the new Windows Live will make live easier for the various consumer groups, mainly the Social web users (stay in touch with friends easier and in a more personal way), and the Functional web users (how to organize my online life better).

Most of this we already informed you about. We informed you about the services which were released in the last two days, and we also informed you about the applications already, looks to the right in the Sidebar, still there was new information too.

Some questions that might have crossed your mind are:

– When will the (RC) apps (Windows Live Essentials) be released?
The answer to that is they will be released next week at
– When will Hotmail, Calendar and People get their final update/release?
Answer: February 2009. Once this is done all Windows Live web pages will have the same header (menu):


Of course we’ll update you next week when the apps are available for download too. Stay tuned!