Messenger Users Review Products Together With Chatventure’s Joint Product EXperience

About 3 years ago Arnout Hemel, Product Manager Windows Live Netherlands, contacted Internet bureau and asked them to create an online shopping experience within Messenger. And so the Joint Product Experience (JPX) was born. In 2006 Nike had the worldwide debut for a real Joint Product Experience, their online campaign for the Nike Air Max 360 was accompanied by it.

After that it became quiet around JPX, until the to related Chatventure blew new life into it. Nowadays it’s a scalable platform with benefits for both producer/seller and the consumer, think about the number of people that can be reached through Messenger and how handy it is for those consumers to review products together in Real Time so a (joint) decision to buy can be taken a lot easier! And hey, how often do you ask your friends for recommendations on a product?SE-JPX

Sony Ericsson started promoting their Xperia X1 (click to try) through JPX last month. You can also try this for yourself by clicking the picture on the left. Dutch Messenger users will also see a X1 tab at the bottom of their Messenger:


You will be able to move the Xperia around, zoom in on it, watch the advertisement video, see a Windows Mobile demo and more!

Here in the Netherlands it is starting to get used by online shops now too. has just integrated it for many of the articles it sells (not all of them yet):


Notice the Messenger icon next to the article? If you click on that you can review this product with one of your contacts on/through Messenger. Pretty neat huh? Dutch innovation!

Kijkshop laat haar bezoekers samen winkelen met behulp van Messenger (Dutch)