Windows Live Family Safety website updated to Wave 3, and out of beta!

Today when you visit the Windows Live Family Safety website, you would’ve noticed that Microsoft has changed it to the new Wave 3 theme. If you had been following LiveSide or had been using the Family Safety public beta, this probably isn’t news to you, as the Wave 3 beta version had been available at for quite a while for public testing, while the old version was still functioning at Today, this has changed and as long as you are using Family Safety, you’ll be greeted with the new version – and it no longer carry the beta tag anymore!


This final version also features the latest Wave 3 header (you’ll see all the links under “More” is consistent with the rest of the Windows Live Web services). We currently don’t know what has been changed in this version, except we noticed a new “Anonymizer sites” category under the Web Filters page. Expect more updates as the Windows Live Family Safety client gets updated to release candidate later this week as part of the Windows Live Essentials release!