Microsoft Live Labs introduces online bookmarking tool: Thumbtack

Microsoft Live Labs today introduced a new piece of technology preview: Thumbtack. According to their blog post:

People have always had a need to make sense of the world around them. We want to identify, classify and clarify things. Lately that need has become even greater, since we’re being bombarded with information wherever we look. Now there’s a new tool to help you organize all that information: Thumbtack.

Thumbtack is an easy way to save links, photos, and anything else you find on the Web in a single place.  Compare prices, colors, styles or locations at a glance. Grab the stuff you want from lots of different sites, put it into a Thumbtack collection, then get to it from anywhere you can get online. 

Thumbtack uses machine learning and natural language techniques to understand the information you give it—it automatically extracts addresses, for instance, and the Address Gadget will then automatically plot that address on a map. Other gadgets help you compare items in your collection, or arrange them the way that’s easiest for you to see them.

Here’s an introductory video from the Thumbtack team explaining how it works:

You can access thumbtack now by visiting