Windows Live Sync Is Now Available For Windows And Mac [updated]

Windows Live Sync is now Live at The team just announced it on their new blog:

Hello, Sync and FolderShare friends.

We’ve been hard at work on the new software, and we’re pleased to report that the new Windows Live Sync is now available for Windows and the Mac.


We’ve listened to your feedback, and Sync will continue to offer the same great service as FolderShare, along with several new features:

  • Higher file limits—up to 20 synchronized folders (formerly known as libraries) with up to 20,000 files in each one.
  • Integration with Windows Live ID.
  • Integration with the Recycle Bin.
  • Unicode support.
  • More languages for Windows (46 in all).
  • And lots of bug fixes.

The old FolderShare blog and newsgroup will retire, but the team is not leaving you in the cold. There is a new Windows Live Sync blog and a new public newsgroup where you can leave your feedback.

FolderShare users: please head over to the new blog for installation instructions!

If you didn’t use FolderShare then there’s nothing you can do with this until you install it on a second computer. It will also be installed automatically as a dependency when you install the to be released Windows Live Photo Gallery (part of Windows Live Essentials). You can uninstall Windows Live Sync manually through Control Panel if you don’t want this afterwards, but then you won’t have the full features in Photo Gallery.

Update: The software will not launch automatically after installation, you need to start it from the Start menu yourself. There are currently some issues with signing in/connecting from the software, the team is working hard to solve this.

Update 2: The sign in/connecting issue has now been resolved. If you have the Mac client you should download the updated Mac Client in order to connect.


P.S. The transition to Windows Live Sync will not uninstall FolderShare, you will have to do that yourself. This can be done before or after installing Live Sync, personally I’d choose the latter.

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