Microsoft’s Live Labs develops SeaDragon app for the iPhone

Hot on the heels of the Thumbtack Live Labs release, Microsoft’s incubation team down in Pioneer Square just released the first Microsoft app for the iPhone, SeaDragon Mobile.  From the AppStore:

Get the goodness of Seadragon on your iPhone!
Browse large quantities of high-resolution imagery smoothly and quickly with a flick or a pinch. Explore massive galaxies, pore over maps, or flip through collections of photographs, all over the air. You can also add your own photos or browse those already available on
– View thousands of images over the air
– Quickly view massive gigapixel images
– Explore Photosynth collections in 2D, including your own
– Add your own PhotoZoom / Deep Zoom Composer content
– Subscribe to Deep Zoom RSS feeds
Released as a tech preview, Seadragon Mobile is designed to show off the ‘what if?’ of mobile user experiences. Expect more cool stuff from Live Labs in the future at


More on the SeaDragon Mobile release over at TechFlash, where Todd Bishop is working on weekends even without a Yahoo! acquisition rumor to keep him huddled over the keyboard.