Flickr And SmugMug Users: Easily Create DeepZoom Albums With Mooncake [updated]

There already was PhotoZoom from mslivelabs (upload photos one by one or from an RSS or Atom feed) to create DeepZoom albums. Now Flickr and SmugMug users get their own easy way to create Silverlight DeepZoom albums. Felix Wang created introduces Mooncake, which was created specifically for this purpose:

I’m please to share a prototype of server side Deep Zoom generation, it’s called codename Mooncake.

It can pull photos from flickr or other sites, generate an album up in the cloud automatically, and present it in a nice sleek viewer powered by Deep Zoom.

You can embed it in your web site or blog posts…

You can try it at


If you like it please register at


Thanks to Vasudev for this tip!

Update: Clarification from Felix Wang in his updated post:

I have to clarify one important fact that: I’m NOT the author of this project.  Allan Li from created it, and we are working closely with Allan to move forward this project.  My apologizes if my original post sounded like I created it.  I like this project, and I’m really proud of Allan and this project.

Thanks Felix, article updated.

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