The North Pole – A Virtual Earth 3D Christmas Experience

Santa lives on the North Pole, but have you ever seen his Village? It is way too far and way too cold to travel to the North pole and then you’d have to find the village, which is very well hidden! But not for Chris Pendleton, he found Santa’s Village and together with Jerry Skaw made sure you can have a look too!

Chris Pendleton wrote the application and Tom Grimes and his team – Augusto Michelis, Heidi Simonsen, Matthew Collins and Stephen May – created the models. Coordination of the whole was done by Jerry Skaw.

Once finished the MSNBC’s team put it on their site for you (and of course your kids) to enjoy.

Upon visiting you will see this image:


To explore Santa’s Village click on the image (on MSNBC, not this image :P). If you haven’t got the 3D plug-in installed you will then be prompted to do so. After that you can go explore, if you have an XBOX controller, plug it in and you can navigate even better.

Should you be so unfortunate that your computer can not run Virtual Earth 3D, head on over to Chris’s blog post for a video of the application. You will also find more information on this project there.