Hotmail scrolling returns: negative feedback spurs changes

After thousands of comments and negative feedback about changes made last month to Hotmail, and after “reviewing how users at various monitor sizes and resolutions were using our product”, Windows Live Wire is reporting that the Hotmail has updated the new Hotmail to scroll like the old one did.  According to the post:

To make your Hotmail scroll like classic Hotmail, you’ll need to turn the reading pane off:

  1. Click the Inbox folder.
  2. Click Options (upper-right, below the sign-out link).
  3. Under Reading pane settings, click Off.

We’re also including other fixes. Here are a few highlights, and thanks for suggesting them:

    • When you’re done choosing contacts to send your message to, click anywhere outside the contact picker window to close it and go back to typing your message.

    • We fixed an issue where some users couldn’t select the last contact in the list.

    • Holding down the Shift key and clicking a message in the inbox now opens that message in a new window, as it did in the past.

    • We’ve changed the links in the header at the top to match the rest of Windows Live and point to more great Windows Live services.

Hotmail users are being greeted with a notice when they log on to alert them to the changes, if you haven’t seen it already, you should be seeing it soon.