Web Messenger coming – not here yet (clarification)

This evening our friend PicturePan2 IMed me to say that WebMessenger was live on Hotmail.  I checked my main Hotmail account and indeed there it was.  We checked it out a bit, and I put up a quick post on it, noting that Web Messenger had “appeared and then disappeared again a few times”.

Thanks to some of our readers it was noted that the bay I was on Bay 107df-w, which it turns out is a “dog food” server.  Back in October we agreed to an embargo for a private beta so that we could get early access to the Windows Live Wave 3 bits.  That embargo ended November 19th at 9pm pst.

We’re not sure why we’re still on dog food servers, as the private beta was shut down on Dec 1, we received multiple emails to that effect.  So when we saw the Web Messenger show up, it didn’t even dawn on us that we still had “insider access”.  We’re not aware of any current embargos or ndas that cover our talking about what we are able to access, but it doesn’t do much good to point it out if our readers can’t access it too.

Sorry to have caused any confusion, but it’s good to know that Web Messenger is on the way!