MSN UK trials new MSN v13 UI with Silverlight enhancements

msnvnextlogo Over at MSN UK Entertainment, they are trialing the new MSN v13 UI, complete with Silverlight enhancements. The test site at follows on from the testing of a Silverlight homepage design,

As Peter Bale, Executive Producer for MSN UK mentions when discussing the trial, the addition of Silverlight allows for an improved multimedia experience when using MSN, in particular through embedded videos and images. In addition, once you have signed into MSN, you’re giving the option to share you MSN activities through Windows Live, using the MSN Web Application. This is currently hidden in the standard web applications directory, so you’ll need to enable it via your MSN profile page, or click this link. Note that the MSN Profile is actually using the information from your Windows Live profile, so apart from setting a nickname and avatar, there is no need to enter it twice!


For those interested in where MSN UK is going, Peter Bale gave an interview recently to Jemima Kiss, talking about the launch of MSN Next and how they plan to push original content.

Expect to see more on what MSN is doing in the new year.