Quickly find your privacy settings on Windows Live

Since Windows Live got updated to Wave 3, we saw Microsoft expanding into the field of Social Networking. It introduced the concept of “Profiles”, where you are able to show off what you want to show to others, and also the “What’s New” feed which shows you what others want to show you. Every user using Windows Live, including all Hotmail and Messenger users (who may or may not be aware of the new social networking side of Windows Live Wave 3), now has a Profile. Although this is an exciting update for some, this update also caused some concern about privacy and user permissions – what if you don’t want to show everyone else what you’ve been doing online?

Previously, to turn on/off what you’d like to show others about yourself, there were a handful of places you had to go through to edit the permission settings, with each permission setting buried deep in each of the many services Windows Live provides (just to name a few, you have Windows Live Accounts, the Edit Profile page, the What’s New settings page, your Spaces communication preferences, the SkyDrive/Photos comments settings page, and many more!). We know that the privacy and permission settings are all there, but to find them is another story. Talk about confusion!

Thankfully, Microsoft had listened to our feedbacks, and today they have consolidated one single page for you to edit all your permissions settings on Windows Live. You can locate this page by simply visiting http://profile.live.com/permissions


Upon first visit to your Profile page today you’ll also see a notification for you to manage these permissions:

Profile Privacy

And just a friendly reminder, when you visit your Profile, you will see your view of your Profile – which will always include all of the information you’ve entered about yourself, and all of your activities. To see what the public will see on your Profile, simple go to your Profile page, and click “Sign out” (if you haven’t done so already). The subsequent page showing will be what everyone else sees on your Profile page.

Well done Microsoft for getting the acts quickly and listening to our concerns and feedbacks!