Live Search takeaways from CES and more

So there’s a bunch of Live Search news that’s emerged in the last 24hours, of which the official CES news was the new search deals with Dell and Verizon wireless.

Out today though there are several new stories:

1) Official confirmation that Microsoft is “actively” considering rebranding Live Search, due to Microsoft not making the existing brand “stand for something that consumers have connected to”. (Have you Live’d it today?) No comment on the potential rename to Kumo though.

2) Yahoo search deal is still a target for Steve Ballmer, who uses the FT to push his previous deal to shareholders again. Much is being made of the new Online Services head, Qi Lu, and also the fact that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang is stepping down.

As Kip said in his 2009 search predicitions, the guessing where Live Search is heading is the fun part – let the speculation begin!