Windows Live Calendar: out of beta, adds features

Yesterday Windows Live Calendar shut down for a bit in order to prepare for their latest incarnation, and today they’re back, having shed the “beta” tag and added some nice new features (we’re talking about the online calendar, at – the client calendar in Windows Live Mail doesn’t have these new features, at least not yet).

The Hotmail Team blog has a good writeup on the new features, which include “expandable weeks”, which let you see more (or less) events within a particular week in month view; “Charms”, which at first glance look like a pretty good idea – adding little icons to your events to help them stand out a bit in the calendar:

charms charms2

…Safari web browser support (!!), a convenient “New” button in the header that splits out all ways you can add content (Event, To-do, Social event, Calendar):


…also improved calendar sharing options, a promise that Meeting invitations (for inclusion in other calendar services) are coming soon, and word that MSN Calendar users will be moved to the Windows Live Calendar, but that most of the move will be taken care of automatically, preserving appointments, tasks, etc.