Windows Live FrameIt to integrate with Live Mesh, client and SDK coming soon

One piece of information that came out of CES 2009 that went unnoticed was about Windows Live FrameIt. The FrameIt team blog today posted a link to a Channel 10 video about the upcoming support for Live Mesh in FrameIt. In the video Cynthia Hagan demonstrates a new version of Windows Live FrameIt (including the new Wave 3 header) and how she used Live Mesh to sync offline photos to her FrameIt-enabled Samsung digital photo frame. What this means for FrameIt is that besides from obtaining photo sources from an RSS feed where the photos are already available online, FrameIt can now source photos stored in your computer using Live Mesh technology. You can check out the video here.

Mesh FrameIt

What’s more news is that according to this incubation website titled “Windows Live FrameIt Extras”, Microsoft is also planning on releasing a Windows Live FrameIt client and also an SDK for Frameit. It would be interesting to see how this ties in with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Live Mesh.

FrameIt Extras

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