Live Search introduces News Alerts, have your news delivered to your inbox

Don’t want to go on the web to read your news? How about having it delivered to you? You can now. Live Search introduces News Alerts:

Now you can have your news delivered to your inbox every day, twice a day, or just once a week. You can get top headlines, headlines for a specific area like business or world news, or the latest stories related to a search you define. You can set up as many different alerts as you want and send them to any email address associated with a Live ID.


Setting up an alert is easy:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Live ID (or get one if you haven’t already).

3. From any page within news search (like the default page for top stories or the results page associated with a search), click the News alerts link (in the right column).

4. Click Create alert.


You can unsubscribe from the alerts once you start receiving them.


Unfortunately this feature is only available in the US, so you may have to “trick” the site into thinking you are in the US. You can do that by going to, click your country, you will then be forwarded to, where you can set it to the US.