Office Live to join Windows Live

Yesterday Mary Jo Foley reported that Office Live will be joining Windows Live in Wave 4, at least in terms of how the products are presented to consumers, and today a post on the OfficeLiveWorkSpaceCommunity blog further confirms it.  Office Live will remain a part of the Business division, according to confirmation received by Mary Jo yesterday:

Rajesh (Rajesh Jah, Corp VP for Office Live and Exchange) will not be leaving the Microsoft Business Division.  There are no changes to the org structure. Rajesh’s title remains corporate VP, Microsoft Office Live and Exchange.

However Office Live and Windows Live will “converge” into a single set of services.  From the blog post:

Today, I wanted to share with you some exciting news about Office Live: To simplify and improve the customer experience around our Live services, we’ve made the decision to converge Windows Live and Office Live into an integrated set of services at one single destination. We think that just makes a ton of sense and goes a long way toward giving you a simpler, richer, better service that allows you to do more with one account.

Of course this is not entirely unexpected news, as we have seen some hooks into Office Live from Windows Live already, still it’s good to hear that the consolidation of services that had been spread all over the Windows Live map is continuing.