Sneak peek of the new Windows Live FrameIt

Last week we reported the announcement that Windows Live FrameIt will soon to be updated with a Wave 3 theme, to have integration with Live Mesh, and soon to have a client and SDK released. Today we got the chance to see a sneak peek at the new Windows Live FrameIt. Unfortunately, the version we’re looking at doesn’t have Live Mesh integrated yet, nor does it have the client and SDK available for download. That said, we’re still seeing some new features and also the new look. Here’s what the new FrameIt home page looks like:

Windows Live FrameIt

As you can see from the following screenshot, the left-hand navigation adds two new sections – Devices, where users can now register and set up their compatible photo frames and devices; and Downloads, where it provides the new SDK for partners and client download for power users.


Although we’re not seeing Live Mesh integration, the new FrameIt will also integrate with Windows Live Photos, with the ability to directly grab your photo albums stored on SkyDrive/Photos in your associated Windows Live ID.

Photos integration

The new Devices page also lists all the current partners that manufactures FrameIt-compatible digital photo frames. This page allow users quick access to link their photo frames with FrameIt. Of course, as Microsoft is still signing up with more new partners, expect this list to expand as time goes. There’s basically three ways in which any device (not limited to digital photo frames) can connect to FrameIt: via a specific frame Token; through a specific Feed ID (with a secret number) for your FrameIt collections; or through subscribing to FrameIt’s RSS feed address.

Devices set up

Unfortunately, the SDK and client are still unavailable for download. However, according to the website, the FrameIt SDK will “allow hardware and software providers to integrate FrameIt directly into their products”. What this means is that FrameIt has the potential to connect and display anything on the web onto your web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere, and better yet, it can be customised specific to your need (like time of day, frequency…etc).


Instead of directly competing with digital photo frame manufacturers, Microsoft had taken the first step to make FrameIt a platform for all device manufacturers to leverage on. It’ll be interesting to see what will be in the SDK and how Microsoft could expand the concept into this whole new field. The potential here is unlimited.