Google patches Chrome browser to work with Hotmail

We’ve been seeing lots of complaints on Twitter and elsewhere about Hotmail not working in Google’s new browser, Chrome.  So today, rather than waiting for Hotmail to address the problem, Google patched Chrome to work with Hotmail, by adding support for User Agent spoofing and appearing to Hotmail as if it were a Safari browser instead.  A quick check using the latest Chrome install seems to work fine with Hotmail (truthfully been to busy playing with Windows 7 to spend much time with Chrome, but there have been lots of mentions of problems):


Prolific Google social networker Matt Cutts pointed to the fix on Twitter this evening:


with a link to the “Chromium Code Reviews” page with the fix noted.  If you’ve been using Chrome, you should be able to now use it with Hotmail (again, haven’t played with Chrome much so not sure of the update details).