Changes to the QnA Code of Conduct

The Live QnA Code of Conduct has been updated so it’s easier to understand.

Summary of Changes

One of the first changes we made was to make it clear that the QnA Code of Conduct Supplement is just that – a supplement to the standard Code of Conduct. In order to understand the guidelines for QnA you need to read both the Code of Conduct and the QnA supplement.

Conversational Tag

The QnA Supplement now states that conversational questions must be tagged: Conversational. Please refer to the Conversational Question blog to learn more.

Mature Content

In keeping with Microsoft Policy, we are narrowing the type of mature content that is allowed on the site. In fact, most content of a sexual nature is not allowed even if it’s tagged as mature content.

Using Multiple Accounts

We have now made it clear that you are not allowed to ask questions with one account and answer the same question with another account.

More detailed information and the QnA CoC Supplement Text can be found here. In that blog post the QnA Team also answers questions about the moderating process.

Did you know: Your QnA nickname is now specifically for use on QnA

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