Live Search Instant Answers in IE8 search box

The search box in IE just keeps getting more useful.  First auto suggest, then embedded images, then auto suggest for Firefox, and now, in IE8 in the US  (using Live Search in the search box), Instant Answers! From a blog post on the Live Search blog:

IE8 users can now get Live Search instant answers, including financial information, weather conditions, movie show times, calculations, equations, conversions, and definitions directly in the IE8 search box.

To see the stock quote answer in action, type MSFT in the search box; you’ll get the current stock information, plus the performance graph supplied by Comstock. If you want details, just click on the image and you’ll go to for more info.


Instant stock prices, weather, quick calculations, definitions, and movie time info without giving up precious browser real estate, with instant access to more information by clicking through.  Nice!

Feel free to grouse about the US only availability in the comments, sorry.