Changes to the Spaces header

Did you miss your Windows Live Navigation menu on Windows Live Spaces? Not anymore, the Team just posted the following:

Today we’re making a change to Spaces that is a direct result of the feedback you gave us here on the Windows Live team blog, on the Space Craft blog, and via the feedback form. We heard that earlier changes we’d made to the Spaces header actually caused you confusion and made it more difficult to navigate to other Windows Live services after viewing someone’s personal space.

As a result, we’re beginning to update Spaces today to add the standard Windows Live navigation links across the top, so you have a consistent way to navigate to and from all the Windows Live services.

Here’s the old header in Spaces:

Old Spaces header

And here’s the new one:

New Spaces header

If you don’t see the new header yet, wait a day or so – we’ve got a lot of users to roll this out to, and it generally takes a little while to get updates out to everyone.

I just checked on mine and it has already been updated for me, how about yours? Go, check out your space now.