Live Search Cashback, troubled but working on it…

Cashback After a Cashback Blackout on Black Friday, it is now facing problems with payouts. Back in December Live Search Cashback introduced Instant Cashback for eBay purchases, which promised immediate deposit of your cashback amount into your Paypal account for eligible shoppers. But is Microsoft holding up this promise? There are reports of people seeing the amount in their cashback account immediately but still had to wait 60 days to claim the money. After those 60 days they were greeted with the following message:

“We’ve encountered a problem depositing your cashback reward into the PayPal account that you used for your eBay purchase. But we will keep trying.”

Customers who emailed the Cashback support team were left waiting, sometimes over 72 hours! WalletPop however contacted Microsoft’s Cashback support team through here and received an answer within 2 days:

The delayed payout issue for all users should be corrected by the end of the week with funds showing up in Paypal accounts by February 9.

So if you were one of those affected, thinking maybe Live Search Cashback is a scam:
Live Search Cashback is not a scam, Microsoft will hold up to its promise. It may take a while, problems happen, but problems also will be solved. If anything is wrong contact them through so they can look into it.

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