Hotmail update starts rolling out for all users, POP3 coming to the US

Today the Hotmail team has finally announced the start of the roll out process for all users worldwide to the latest Wave 3 update of Hotmail and People.

The Hotmail team has been hard at work since our last release in the fall, and we’ve got a bunch of new features coming out… and we’re rolling them out now!

If you haven’t seen any changes yet, they’ll be rolling out gradually, so you should see them in the next week or two.

If you’ve been keeping track of the latest at LiveSide, we’ve previously posted what new features are to come in this update. See our previous articles on the latest features for Hotmail and People. To recap, Windows Live Wire blog posted a summary of all the new features coming in this update:

  • More storage in Hotmail. Start with 5 GB, and watch your storage grow, as you need it.
  • More themes in Hotmail (including some that change based on time of day or weather)
  • The top banner ad moved to the side. (You’ve been waiting for that, haven’t you?)
  • Quickly add maps, directions, movie times and more to e-mail messages. It makes planning a night out so much easier. (UK and US-only, for the moment)
  • See “what’s new” updates from people in your network on Hotmail’s Today page.
    What's New on Today Page
  • Get Hotmail on your mobile phone’s e-mail program. POP3 access is becoming available to Hotmail users in the US and Brazil, in addition to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.
  • Create e-mail signatures in HTML. Get as fancy as you want to be.
  • The People page has been re-organized.
    Windows Live People
  • I’m surprised though that there’s no mention of the new Web Messenger integration anywhere on the two blog posts. I hope they’re just keeping it as a surprise. After all from the screenshot on Windows Live People above the “Messenger” button is clearly visible, and our friend Picturepan2 from LiveSino had also been noticing that Web Messenger is starting to show up on 2 of his accounts.

    Have you received the latest update to your Hotmail and People yet? Leave us a note!