Meeting Invitations in Windows Live Calendar and Hotmail

When Calendar was out of beta, we saw a couple of new features when it was released back in January. We also did mention that a new “Meeting invitations” feature will be coming soon to Calendar and Hotmail, finally showing some integration between Calendar and Hotmail (as it should have been!). Here’s what was described on the Hotmail team blog:

In the next few weeks we’ll be adding the ability to send meeting invitations for an event. You’ll be able to invite others to events and users of many calendaring services and software solutions can accept them for automatic addition to their own calendars. These invitations are also a great way to organize quick dinners, dates, or any other event you can think of.

Here’s a screenshot of how it will look like, very similar to the interface in Outlook:

Meeting Invitations

When you receive one of the Meeting Invitations, clicking on “Accept” and “Tentative” will save the request on your Windows Live Calendar. You may also receive a Meeting Cancellation email, and if the meeting was saved on your Calendar, upon receipt of the cancellation email the event will be removed from your Calendar.

We’re unsure whether this will come as part of the upcoming Hotmail update, but the Windows Live Hotmail promotional site is already giving us a few hints on this. Stay tuned at LiveSide for the latest updates!

Thanks to PP2 at for the heads up!