Photosynth Update: New Features & Improvements

The Photosynth experience has been improved. New features an improvements launched and even more are in the works. The team promises more Photosynth goodness in the coming weeks. We’ll be watching!

The features/improvements already launched are:

– Point Clouds in Silverlight Viewer
Along with things like better object rotation and bug fixes, the Point cloud is now working in the Silverlight Viewer
Take a look at the Silverlight Viewer here. (Press P to switch the viewer into point cloud mode)
– Homepage Updates
There are two new icons to help you easily get to the Forum and Blog.
You can also now find links to the blog and forum in the main navigation in the upper right corner of the page and the latest blog post title will show up in the bar below the big icons on the homepage.
– Your Activity Area
You could already see the latest comments on your synths but now you can also see which synths you commented on and if people have replied to your comments. See if anyone has replied to your comments!
– More Explore Views
You can now filter Top Favorites and Most Viewed synths on last 7 days, 30 days or all time. Explore the latest great synths.
– Discussion Forum
Share your ideas and get inspiration at the newly added Photosynth Forum.

The Help & Support site will continue to exists, so you can go there for help too. On top of that a new contact page has been created. Sounds like plenty of ways to get help/leave feedback to me!