Microsoft My Phone begins beta testing, acceptance email received

Well that didn’t take long!  At just about 6pm pst this evening I got an email from Microsoft:


WooHoo!  Off to the download page, which sends a text message to the phone, and from there its a 557kb download.  At this point, the service doesn’t seem to be quite up to speed, as the next step after installing the .cab and agreeing to the Terms of Service (no nda, I actually read a TOS!), the next step is to sign in, which it won’t let me do at this point.  That’s somewhat understandable, as the service has only been up for a few minutes.  We’ll give it some time before freaking out, and hopefully have more on My Phone soon.

In the meantime, there is a My Phone blog, a Twitter account (which has given away at least one Promo code), and a User Forum.  A quick read through the forum entries shows that people are already asking about Windows Live integration for things like Calendar, etc.  The official answer seems to be “not at this time”, but a lot could happen between now, Wave 4 of Windows Live, and the second half of the year when Windows Mobile 6.5 sees the light of day. (updated, oops forgot the links)