Live Search gains share (of French sites, to 2.29%) Woohoo!

Continuing our look at non US-Centric numbers, a new report from French internet audience measurement company AT Internet caught our eye:


These numbers,  a cross section of 96,965 reporting websites, all “French speaking”, show for one thing just how dominant Google is in parts of Europe. AT Internet Institute somewhat generously touts Live Search’s gains:

The top 5 search engines in January 2009 and their share of visits remain stable for most of them:

  • Google still dominates more than 9 visits out of 10 with 91.23% of visits (91,22% in December 2008),
  • Yahoo! remains stable with 2.43% of visits for the first time in 10 months,
  • AOL, 4th with 1.39% in share of visits, remains stable for the 3rd consecutive month,
  • Orange, 5th, holds steadily at 1.01% of visits.

Live Search is the winner of this month, which had already ended 2008 on a positive note. It further consolidates its performance (3rd) and climbs by 0.12 points: 2.29% of visits in January 2009 vs. 2.17% in December 2008.

Not sure that gaining .12 percentage points when the competitor holds over 91% market share qualifies Live Search as a “winner” in any month.  Differences in methodologies make comparing these numbers to any other sets of numbers tricky at best, but by any measure Live Search appears to face a daunting task in French speaking Europe.  What that means in the whole scheme of things isn’t as clear, but it does at least point out again that there are major differences between what happens in the US and what happens in other parts of the world, something we hope to continue to examine in the months ahead.