QnA moves from Live Search to MSN

In an attempt to better align products and sites focused on content and community, QnA moved from Live Search to MSN. Leader of the MSN QnA team will be Kristy:



Hello! I’m Kristy and I’m excited to be leading the MSN QnA team.

After years working as an Executive Producer, Manager and Community Promotions Director for a large Internet company, I joined Microsoft in the Silicon Valley to continue working in the Web Industry and remain in the Bay Area (I’m a California native). That was 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve shipped MSN Radio Applications, TV Listings and Recording Services and Media Discovery features. And, for the past 2 years, I’ve been leading teams developing community features for MSN. I see QnA as a fabulous community to be part of MSN. Community is important to me. I’m eager to explore how we can continue to evolve and improve the experience in ways that help grow a healthy, vibrant community.

I’ve learned a lot from what you, the QnA community, have posted in questions, answers and the Message Boards. I’ll always be on the lookout for good, constructive input and you may even see me ask questions about feature ideas from time to time.

According to Kristy there’s never been a better time for QnA to be part of MSN. So what does this mean to the future of QnA? For starters the site will be rebranded to a new MSN brand (hmm, what will it be this time?), and with the next release there will be changes to how QnA handles “Conversational” versus “Informational” questions. More information can be found in the announcement on the QnA Team blog.

Live QnA can be found at http://qna.live.com, surely this addy will change in the future. Most likely the Team Blog address too as they are shaking off live in the name.