Live Search cashback/eBay problems continue

snafu Live Search cashback apparently continues to be beset with problems, at least for a subset of customers who used the service over the holidays to purchase items on eBay.  We first reported problems some customers were having on February 4th, and then posted again the next day with a statement from Stefan Weitz from Live Search, saying that “we’ve investigated the issue and have taken steps to correct it”.

However a 12 page thread over at coupon listing service and community shows that the issue is seemingly far from corrected. A report on the thread at, “The independent trade publication for online merchants”, details continuing problems, and received a statement on Wednesday from Live Search spokesperson Whitney Burk:

The Live Search cashback team is working aggressively with eBay and PayPal to resolve this issue, which has impacted a very small percentage of our customers. We’re asking those customers to provide an email address and the details of their order here so we can keep them updated as we work toward a resolution. We appreciate customers’ patience as we sort through this issue and offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

However the story isn’t quite the same according to emails from support quoted in the thread.  Support person Elizabeth B. wrote to Senior Member “Dys” today:

I understand your frustration. This issue has proved to be more complicated than we initially anticipated. Our payment team is working with PayPal to determine why so many of these payments are failing.

Some posters have taken to reporting Microsoft to the Better Business Bureau, and are at least contemplating suing them in small claims court.  To Microsoft’s credit, they are working on the issue, but the pr damage being done by what appears to be a technical snafu (in the literal sense of the acronym) would seem to negate any good will created by the cashback program, at least for those affected.