The Rookies – How Easy To Use Are Windows Live Products?

After rookie Kylie (4 and a half) and Alexa (7) showed off their Windows Live Photo Gallery skills, the Rookies ad campaign continues with a new series of video ads in which generations battle each other with their Windows Live Photo Gallery skills:

Panoramic Photos
Alexa, 7 years old. Allen, 70 years old. They’re rookies – new to the art of photo stitching. They battle mouse-to-mouse to see who can create a panorama the fastest – 7vs70 on MSN Video

Slide Shows
Adam, age 8. Dave, age 80. Two hungry competitors. Two rookies at slide-show making. One fast-paced race to see who can put one together the fastest – 8vs80 on MSN Video

Photo Sharing
Dmitri vs Dorothy. 9 years old vs 90 years old. Both rookies to Windows Live Photo Gallery. Both going the distance in a photo sharing face-off – 9vs90 on MSN Video

Want to know who wins? Go on, watch the videos! Clicking the images above will lead you to the page the videos are on, simply click on the video there to watch (Microsoft Silverlight Player). You will also find the projects the contestants created there. In case you don’t have Silverlight installed, install it here or click the link after the description, you will then see them on MSN Video.