Windows Live Translator (partially) rebranded under Live Search

Together with all the new buzz with the latest Live Search updates, we noticed Microsoft silently rebranded their Translator service from Windows Live to Live Search – although this rebrand is long overdue as Translator had been under the Live Search umbrella for a long time. Here’s a screenshot of the service after the rebrand, fitted with the Live Search header:

Live Search Translator 

The new service also has a new URL too, now located at . Of course, the old still works as usual as well and redirects to this new domain.

Update: To add to this confusing branding mess, we discovered that Microsoft decided to leave the old URL with the old Wave 2 Windows Live UI with the old branding, while providing the exact same service as the apparently new “Live Search Translator”. Seems like instead of “rebranding”, they simply made two services doing the same job. Weren’t we talking about cleaning up the branding mess a few minutes ago Microsoft?