What Would You Like Changed/Improved In Windows Live? Email Your Suggestions To Kent Compton

The proper way to give Microsoft feedback isn’t always easy to find, especially when it’s an idea you have. In order to make this easier, Kent Compton, a product planner for Windows Live Essentials, created an email address for you to send your ideas regarding Windows Live to.

If you have an idea, for example about Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Mail, please submit them to the address below:

Livewish at Microsoft

We’ve put it here as an image, just as Kent has, in order to prevent spam bots from grabbing the address. We wouldn’t want our ideas buried by spam now would we? 😉

Don’t get upset if you don’t see your suggestion in the next version of said program or the one after that. Not every suggestion will make it into the program due to a process called prioritization (limited time of the developers, target audience etc.). However they are always looking for ideas that will benefit a large amount of people. Like for example AutoCorrect, which Kent mentions as one of the things he would like to see implemented in more of the Windows Live Products.

So go on, send your idea and who knows, maybe we’ll see it turn up in Wave 4 of Windows Live Essentials.

Via Ars Technica