Don’t Miss Out On Cashback Offers With MSN Toolbar

Cashback_5F00_48BA8657[1]Afraid to miss out on a Live Search Cashback offer? You won’t if you use the MSN Toolbar, which now contains a Cashback-offer-detecting mechanism. If there is Cashback available for the item you were searching for the icon on the toolbar will gleam. Clicking the gleam will bring you to the page where the Cashback offer is available. So you will never find yourself in a situation like this one:

I bought a Wii online; and then found out the next day that I could have saved almost $100 had I used Live Search Cashback!! I was so mad.

Best thing of it all is that it doesn’t matter where you search, be it on Live Search, Google, Yahoo or Craigslist.

Image of MSN toolbar with cashback gleam

This version of MSN Toolbar was released May last year and is powered by Microsoft Silverlight.

Live Search : Your everyday online cash detector
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Edit: Live Search Cashback is still only available for US residents, 18 years of age or older – FAQ