Email to [email protected]? Oops, use (Update)

We reported this week on a product planner’s attempt to get feedback, asking for ideas sent to an email address he established.  Well now he’s updated the post, after apparently being deluged with mail:

My original post below has been updated in a few places (denoted via the red font).  I never anticipated my simple blog post would get picked up so far and wide (I feel like Scoble <grin>).  THANK YOU to those of you who have already sent in your suggestions.

I chose this email address because its easy to remember and it allows several of us (starting with me) to read the email and then forward the email onto the appropriate planner in Windows Live.   However, the email address’s backend process (me!) simply won’t scale to meet the number of suggestions its receiving.

So keep the feedback coming, but just send it to, mmkay?