Photosynth Map Explore, See The World Through Synths

Nathan of the Photosynth Team created an Explore Map so you can see all geotagged synths. Sightseeing on a Map! Awesome, let’s have a look how this works.

When we go to the Explore Map, we start off with this screen:


Now that’s a whole lot of synths packed together isn’t it. Let’s zoom in (scroll wheel):


Now that’s better, but what’s with all them numbers on the leaves? Those numbers tell you how many synths there are in that area:


If it is a single leaf a mini Photosynth viewer gets launched when you move your mouse over it. Let’s look at one that was taken pretty recently (January):

PSexploreMiniViewer PSexploreIceSkating
[no, this is not my synth]

Ice skating on the lakes here this Winter! You can view the whole in the mini viewer or click on the synth’s name and go to the full one.

I’m absolutely loving this explore map, don’t you? Go check it out here! Want your (Holiday) pictures to appear on this new map too? Geotag your synths.

How To Geotag Your Synths

After you’ve created your synth, go to your synth and click the globe you see at bottom right:


Next, on the Virtual Earth map, move to where you took your pictures (synth) and click on the map. Then click Save and your synth will be geotagged!

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