Virtual Earth Imagery & Map Data Release, February 2009

Another 55TB of map data and imagery has been released. This release contains Obliques (Bird’s Eye) for Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. For a full list of those, with images, please see Chris Pendleton’s post.

Besides these, the Road map data also got refreshes and additions:

  • Refresh of North America map data
  • Refresh of European Countries map data
  • Refresh of Asia-Pacific Countries map data
  • Refresh of Australia map data
  • Refresh of Japan map data
  • Refresh of World Routable map data
  • New Localization of Italy, France, Germany and Spain at zoom level 1-9
  • New Localization across Western Europe in Italian, French, German and Spanish at zoom levels 10-21
  • Refresh of all Bird’s Eye vector overlays
  • Added localization to mobile tile set
  • Added localization to hillside shading mobile tile set

Want to know where Virtual Earth has what kind of coverage? Check out the geographic coverage table.