Did Kumo.com go live last night?

Kumo.com, the new iteration of Live Search, is supposed to be in “internal tests”, but apparently at least for a time last night it was live.  We picked up on a re-tweet of a tweet taken down (btw, why bother? Removing a tweet doesn’t remove it from Twitter Search!) saying as much, and this morning the Microsoft Netherlands Livelog blog (in Dutch), said the same thing, offering up a screenshot and a few tidbits:


In the blog post, Livelog mentions that Kumo works with IE8 Web Slices.  As soon as we saw the tweet last night we rushed straight to http://www.kumo.com, but all we got was a blank page (and a Windows favicon, woohoo!).  Seeing screenshots is one thing, but checking out Kumo’s performance is another, so we’re anxious to try it out.  Did anyone catch Kumo in action?