PhotoSynth Launches For IPhone

I’m sure by now we all know what Photosynth is. Some of you have already played around with it too, I know we did! CNN News did too, creating a synth of Obama’s Inauguration from pictures the public emailed to them. Synths are everywhere, they are on Live Search Maps and there’s even a Photosynth Explore Map where you can watch all geotagged synths on a Virtual Earth Map. Everybody can make a synth, even though making a high percentage synthing synth takes some practice.

And now the big news:iSynthIcon iPhone and iPod Touch owners can now also enjoy synths on their devices.

This is possible with the new iPhone application iSynth that was released yesterday in the iTunes App Store. In the application there are buttons for most recent, most viewed and ‘”nice and synthy” (high percentage synthy). Besides that you can also search for synths using keywords. Clicking on a synth first gives you a brief description of the image including number of views, number of photos used, date, percentage “synthy,” and a thumbnail from the image. You can then press the “View Synth!” to watch the full synth. Everything works the same as on you computer, even Point Clouds is working! Just one thing you can’t do though: you can’t make a synth from pictures on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s only a viewer. So to create synth you will still need your Mac or PC, but hey, once you made your synth you can show them off to your friends using your iPhone!

iSynth was developed by Greg Pascale with permission from Microsoft. Greg was an intern on the Photosynth team during the summer of 2008. iSynth isn’t a Microsoft product nor is it officially supported by Microsoft. Greg will provide his own support via GetSatisfaction

Edit: Thanks to Picturepan2, we now have some screenshots of iSynth in action:

isynth_splashisynth_synth_introisynth_most_viewedisynth_nice_synthyisynth_user isynth_view

Very nice, thanks PicturePan2! He also told me there’s PhotoSynth capability in the Seadragon app for iPhone too, I forgot all about that one. He has some screenshots up of that one over at

Geoffrey Emery – PhotoSynth Launches for IPhone
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