Windows Marketplace For Mobile Developer Strategy Announced!

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Steve Ballmer announced Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Not much said back then, but now we have some more information. Microsoft announced the developer strategy for the next generation of Windows® Phones (Windows Mobile 6.5) yesterday.

The Windows Mobile Team blog explains this in greater detail:

What is the revenue and distribution opportunity for developers?

  • Developers will earn 70% of the revenue generated from sales of their applications.
  • Applications can be priced and sold in 29 markets using targeted pricing strategies to maximize revenues. This is a great opportunity to tap into a broad international customer base.
  • Applications can also be distributed through the Marketplace for free.

Tell me more about how to participate…

  • In the spring, we will release the registration process for you to sign up.  Application submissions will be accepted beginning this summer.
  • Developers will be able to submit up to 5 applications to the Marketplace for the annual registration price of $99.  Each additional application within the annual period will have a cost of $99.
  • For students enrolled in the DreamSpark program, the registration fee will be waived.

How do I get my applications into the Marketplace?

  • We want developers to focus on their core competency of developing innovative applications. At the same time we will work with developers to ensure that their applications run optimally on Windows phones. We will accomplish this by running a rigorous certification and testing process before applications go to market.
  • Developers will be able to see detailed feedback during and after the certification process of their applications on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile developer portal.

What do I need to get started?

  • You can utilize familiar tools and technologies like Visual Studio and the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to build great applications.
  • Get the Windows Mobile 6 SDK and everything you need to get started at

Besides these details the team also posted an interview with Marketplace Product Manager Inigo Lopez. You can watch that on their blog post or on YouTube.

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