Kumo home page

We’ve seen a number of screen shots of Kumo.com, but this is the first one we’ve seen of the home page:


Note the pager at the bottom right. 

We like this idea of deploying Kumo internally, so that MS employees who apparently don’t read LiveSide, and “didn’t get the memo” tantalize us with their tweets (where we found the screenshot).  Here’s a selection (names and links removed to protect the innocent):

What’s kumo? http://www.kumo.com/ Why doesn’t it work at all using Safari? Did I miss the memo about Live Search be renamed?

kumo.com rocks

did I miss a memo? since when http://search.live.com is redirected to www.kumo.com

I’m kinda digging how Kumo.com keeps my search history on the left side there. Pretty cool.

Never mind. Live.com only redirects to kumo.com if you’re signed into the Microsoft Corporate network… Sorry…

But like our friend Kris Hoet said in Twitter, “kinda funny to see people make up their mind about Kumo based on 1 or 2 screenshots, seriously”.  Couldn’t agree more, Kris, we sure want to get our hands on more than just screenshots!

(BTW we’ve been collecting some of our favorite tweets and running them in our sidebar.  If you normally read LiveSide in a feed reader, you’re missing them they’re fun!  Luckily, you can subscribe to the feed of our favorite tweets in their own feed: we try to keep them clean (not always easy to do!))