More problems for Hotmail (now fixed)

Seattle Times reporter Ben Romano posts today on some more problems for Hotmail, this time apparently caused by “routine maintenance” overnight gone somewhat wrong.  Romano pointed to the Hotmail Online Solutions Center, and a rash of recent discussions about not being able to access Hotmail.   It’s all been cleared up,  according to a Microsoft spokesman:

"Last night Windows Live Hotmail conducted routine maintenance, affecting approximately 1% of Hotmail customers, that caused a temporary delay of mail delivery to affected accounts. The issue has been resolved, and mail delivery has resumed. Microsoft worked quickly to resolve this issue and has restored service for all Hotmail customers. Microsoft apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused consumers."

So if you had trouble accessing your Hotmail, try again.

Thanks for the link, Ben! (and speaking of Seattle newspapers, today is the last day of publication for the Seattle PI, a paper I’ve been reading since the early 60’s, and who have been good to us here at LiveSide, along with the Times.  A sad day in Seattle, here’s all our best to the PI family).