Windows Mobile 6.5 RTM speculation heats up

Mobile phone site Uberphones is reporting that Windows Mobile 6.5 is now available for Microsoft FTEs (full time equivalents), and both they and Neowin are taking that to mean that a Windows Mobile 6.5 release won’t be far behind, on track for a 3rd Qtr release.  A screenshot of a notice to Microsoft employees appears on the Uberphones site:


(Hey Loke, what, no twitters on this?)

Some brave souls have already taken to “test” leaked versions of Windows Mobile 6.5 on their own, although a popular website was issued takedown notices for the downloads last week (a quick look at XDA today shows what appear to be new versions of the software available for download, however).

In any event, Microsoft seems to be gearing up for a Windows Mobile push, releasing a marketing video and even starting their own YouTube channel:


Oh and btw since we’ve been getting interested in all this talk about Zune + Windows Mobile, did anyone else notice that Zune guy from the Magenta Lane Girl from Mars video is in the Start your Windows Phone video too?