Live Writer Backup Released

Ok, so you got me, this is one of those shameless plugs posts. However, this is something that could benefit all you bloggers out there. Quite some time ago now (over two years!) I released my very first version of my Live Writer Backup utility, and it has remained relatively untouched since the first version of Writer went final (there were a few things that changed throughout the beta). Sure, I added extra functionality to it, but the core of it never changed. The program itself got good reviews (well, no-one pointed out any bad ones), and even some strange reviews, but still good.

But then I started to get emails and reports that there were a couple of problems with the program, most notably from people who were using XP Service Pack 3 or Vista x64. The backup functionality stopped working for them completely, which posed somewhat of a problem. So I decided that it was probably time for a full rewrite of the program (it was needed). So that’s what I did.

The latest version (now 3.0!) was fully rewritten from scratch. The only code still in the program from previous versions is the code that makes it backward compatible with the wlwbackup files from earlier versions. The UI whilst still looking similar is now done in WPF, which means it has some nice little touches to it. Having had a pretty successful [private] beta period and an even more successful Release Candidate, I am now happy to release the final version.

I shall leave you with a screenshot and the link to the codeplex site where you can download it from.

image If you have any issues or queries with the program, please feel free to leave them in the Issue Tracker or Discussions sections respectively.