Hotmail Web Messenger returns (or does it?)

Web Messenger, expected as part of the Wave 3 update to Windows Live Hotmail but only seen in fits and starts, appears to be making a comeback.  We spotted Web Messenger in December, only to discover that we were still hosted on dogfood servers after a preview we were privy to for the Wave 3 release.  Then Web Messenger made another appearance for some users, although that didn’t last long either.

Now we’re getting reports that Web Messenger is returning, although we’re not seeing it here as of yet.  Jamie Thomson logged in from Web Messenger today, and we chatted briefly about what he was seeing:


but no sooner than it appeared for him, he lost it:

Having said that, whilst writing this email (and chatting to Kip who wrote the above linked to blog entry on Liveside) it unexpectedly logged me out and now it won’t let me back in:


Are you seeing Web Messenger in Hotmail?  Let us know in the comments.