Windows Live / Facebook integration coming in April?

Another day, another gem coming from Twitter.  This time, TechCrunch found a tweet by a Microsoft Advertising marketing manager for Southeast Asia (since taken down), which appears to reveal the timing of Facebook integration into Windows Live:

Facebook will be added in the Windows Live activities in april, I just heard!

Adding Facebook to the list of activities available on Windows Live was something that was announced by Steve Ballmer at CES in January, but we haven’t heard much about it since.  Windows Live has been promoting coming availability of “over 50 activities”, including Facebook, but as of today there are only 12:


so maybe we’ll be seeing a flurry of new activities in April.  TechCrunch speculates that Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco (Mar 31-Apr 3) might see Windows Live / Facebook announcements, but at this point there’s no official word of that.