Windows Live Photos integrates with FrameIt

We told you it was coming the last time we told you about the new Windows Live FrameIt, and we’ve seen FrameIt integrated with Facebook already. This time it’s Microsoft’s very own service that gets the integration – yes you heard it right you are now able to import your Windows Live Photos albums straight into your FrameIt collections!

FrameIt and Photos

As you’re signed in to your Windows Live ID, you’ll be able to add Windows Live Photos as one of the sources into your FrameIt collection. As shown above, FrameIt will pull a list of all your public albums from your Windows Live Photos for you to add to your collection and share it on a FrameIt-enabled photo frame.

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, you won’t be able to add any of your privately shared (or private) Photos albums and share them with your friends. This is particularly strange though as the integration with Facebook actually allow you to display your private photo albums (or photos tagged of you) on Facebook to a public FrameIt collection, of course, that is after you’ve authorized FrameIt to do so through Facebook Connect.

It is great to see more and more integration between Windows Live services (I hope to see FrameIt appearing on the header menus soon). What’s coming next? I hope it’ll be Flickr and Live Mesh integration. We’ll just have to wait and see as Microsoft rolls out more features to its new FrameIt service.

Visit Windows Live FrameIt here: