New Office Live Workspace Template For Travel

Always worried if you packed everything for your trip? Are the ones left behind fully informed? Office Live Workspace has a new template to help you with all this.


To create, just sign in to your account and in the left panel, click New Workspace, and then click Travel Workspace. After you’ve done that you will see the following 4 documents are in there already:

· Business Trip Itinerary – A form for all your trip details such as departure times, flight numbers etc. You will also find a handy schedule for the events and meetings you planned during your trip, including fields to add contact information for people you’re meeting with.

· Packing List –  List the items you want to bring, plus any notes to yourself, and when you’ve packed it, check it off. You can easily export the list into an Excel spreadsheet and print it out too.

· Personal Data Form – Listing for all the things you may need to know while traveling, but don’t have memorized. Phone numbers to call if your credit cards or traveler’s checks are stolen; your blood type and insurance information in case you’re hospitalized; passport number; the quoted rate for your rental car – and lots more. Print a copy to take with you, and leave one behind with a friend or family member.

· Travel Checklist – Put everything you need to do before your travel begins here. Like get vaccinations, pick up medicine, inform your relatives (leave a copy of the Personal Data Form with them), call the kennel and so on. Check them off as you complete them.

Of course you can also share this workspace with those it concerns, like family and travel partners, and add your own documents to it. Organizing your trip couldn’t be easier!

Happy Travels!