The City Of Seattle Traveler’s Information Map

After the My Neighbourhood Map, which shows anything you may want to know whilst in the city, the City of Seattle added yet another Virtual Earth app to their site. This time it’s all about transportation. The Traveler’s information Map provides real time information on traffic conditions for major arterial streets in Seattle as well as nearby highways.

It features:

– An interactive Virtual Earth map that allows users to zoom in for additional details;
– Roadside camera images that can be viewed merely by hovering over a camera icon;
– Constantly updated incident and planned event information, mapped for easy reference and with quick access to additional details; and
– Links to mass transit resources such as Metro Transit, Sound Transit and the Seattle Streetcar.


You can even see how heavy the traffic is. Traffic volume information is gathered from measuring devices imbedded in the pavement of major arterial streets. The data is automatically translated into green, yellow, red and black lines displayed on the map to indicate the level of congestion. 

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