Microsoft DreamSpark – FREE Software For University And Now High-School Students Worldwide!


Microsoft DreamSpark, launched February 2008, is now also available to High-school students. This was announced by Bill Gates at the Government Leaders Forum in Washington DC.

“Today, despite the economic crisis, it’s as important as ever to focus on investing in innovation so we can continue to make real progress in solving big problems and creating social and economic opportunity,” said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. “In particular, I believe investment in education is essential. Education is the starting point for success for individuals and the prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity for communities. It’s vital that we support efforts to provide children with access to a high-quality education and adults with access to ongoing technology skills training.”

Microsoft DreamSpark is a program that provides no-cost access to Microsoft designer and development tools and training for verified high school and university students around the world, to support and advance their learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities. Originally Microsoft DreamSpark was only available to University students, there have been nearly 2 million downloads from students around the world since its release.

Unlike University students, High School students do not sign up for DreamSpark themselves, the School Administrator does and receives product keys to hand out to the students. Next the students can sign in with their Live ID on the DreamSpark site and download the software.

The following software is available:


Amazing, and who knows, maybe we’ll see some great Windows Live apps coming from these young developers (to be).

Microsoft DreamSpark
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